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Im Colombian, and live in Bogota. Speak and write spanish (native language) but could read and write in english.
I'm 62 years old. I am a geologist Work as geologist in drilling oil wells or in surface geology of mining and oil exploration.
I was married but now I'm separated Since 7 years ago.
We had kids, but They born, grew and are now very higher, adults.
(34 biologist, married, 32 dentistry, married: 28 agronomist, 25 graphic designer) Two Are married and the others live With their mother.
Since that time, I live alone in in a modest home of my sister's 67 years unmarried and Without Children.
As I am.
I like my profession (geologist) and I'm still working independently in parttime or freelance.
I am humble, straightforward, honest, loyal, romantic, very loving, open minded, passionate, sensual and think that have sexually active is beautiful.
I like solitude, being outdoors in the countryside, the warm weather. soft, classical music, exhibitions of art and photography
I dont believe in any religion or cult. On TV I like watching sports, news, movies.
What I most dislike and dislikes me: cheating, lying, falsehood, hypocrisy.

Qué Busco

I'm looking for
With all the strength that my heart is, I strongly desire to find soon my other halflife to share together a world of joy and happiness.
I want to find the woman who truly wants to be loved deeply,
A beautiful woman, very loving, sweet, tender, honest, loyal, comprehensive, generous, happy, simple, homemade, likes solitude, order, with good sense of humor to life together the rest of our Lives.
A wonderful woman in feeling and humble in his way of being
A one woman loving, romantic, very very sensual in intimate relationships, she feels the desire to enjoy petting and she likes to caress, kiss and be kissed,
embracing and being embraced with great affection, she understands too that sex is beautiful, sweet and tender and that is always ready to enjoy it.
A woman who wants to feel and share the deepest love and beautiful that life can offer us.
A woman thought very sweet and full of tenderness.
A woman who feels real affection and the continuing desire to embrace and be embraced, to caress and be caressed, to kiss and be kissed, a very romantic woman.
A woman committed to the harmony sentimental, and emotional stability have to analyze the opportunities, good or bad, that come our way, and so achieve our goals.


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